[ROM] CaponMod – Samsung GN2 [v3.1 - 07/01]



…AL92 is pleased to present…





—–> v. 3.1 <—–

- Based On XXDLLE Stock Firmware ( Android 4.1.2, Jelly Bean)
– Deodexed
– Zipaligned
– Rooted (Cf-Root)
– BusyBox
– Init.d scripts support
– Enabled hidden languages
– Enabled more Spin languages
– Included Modems
– 121 CSC
– Low Battery Sound: INCEPTION
- ACID AUDIO ENGINE v5  (Awesome Beats and Dolby Mobile)
– Fast Reboot
– Increasing The Video Recording Quality
– Screen Rotate To 270 degree
– Increase VM Heap Size
– Render UI With GPU
– Increasing It Will Make Mobile Smoother
– Video Acceleration Enabled
– Increase Performance
– Disable Sending Usage Data
– Deeper Sleep/Better battery life
– Ringing Will Start Immediately
– Disable Error Checking
– Signal Tweaks
– NetSpeed Tweaks
– Google DNS Tweak
– Photo And Video Quality
– Touch Responsiveness
– Scrolling Responsiveness
– Power Save Tweaks
– Faster Scrolling
– Wifi to scan less frequently
– Cyano Calculator
– Boot Animation CaponMod with R2D2 Power On
– Ota Update
- Call Recorder
- Task Manager Shortcut
- Extendend Power Menu: 4 way to Reboot
- Gmail 4.2
- Bravia Engine Libraries
- Resizable Popup Browser
– MOD Camera v8
– Ink Effect Without SPen
 - Exit Option in Default Browser
- Enter Key = New Line in Message App
- Enabled sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard (only for some languages)
- No Limits on joining contacts together.
- Stock browser requests Desktop site by default
- Show the current user agent in Internet->Settings->Advanced
- Hide Software Update from Settings
- Show your hardware revision in Settings->About (same as dialing *#12580*369#)
- Enable infinite scrolling in TW home screens, app drawer, and widget drawer

Graphic Mods:

Notifications Center Modded Blue and Transparance
Transparent Multiwindows
Blue Lockscreen Clock
Icons Aosp Jelly Bean
Center Clock Blue
Close Status Bar CaponMod – AL92
Modded Dialer Theme totally (Black and Blue)
Modded Settings Theme (JB Stock Theme)
Modded SMS Theme (Black and Blue)
Modded System icons
Modded Camera Theme (Black and Blue)
Alarm Theme Modded
Blue Simplistic Framework, with Toggle Control App
Gallery Theme Modded
Music Player Theme Modded
Modified Message Icon
Modded Archive Theme
Removed Status Bar Trasparency
Modded E-Mail Them

Transparent Features in Power Menu
Transparent Features in Volume Menu.



MultiWindow Complete Control V2:
– FULL Control over the MultiWindow Bar- Add applications to the MultiWindow Bar with ease
– Remove added applications
– Alphabetical representation of the added applications
– No need for restarting the device
– Reads the settings of the old application, and gets the icons on each boot to fix a lot of bugs
– Control Framework-Defined applications, including Samsung PreDefined Ones
– Control the Timer of the Edit Window, which autocloses by default after 3 seconds (annoying, I know)
– Very flexible framework

System App Added:
CaponMod Manager
BeatsAudio (to manage Audio Mod)
OTA Updater Center
One More Clock Free Widget


CaponMod Manager: this app added in drawer of Rom, includes a Kitchen with some elements (flashable .zip) to customize your rom. I Will add Add-ons with the passage of time, if you have requests … let them! :) . Please RATE it on Google Play Store

System App Eliminated:
User Manual
FW Upgrade



- Your Device Must Be Rooted, with CWM Recovery
(—> How To<—)
– Backup Applications with Titanium Backup (it is necessary unless you want to re-download all your apps)
– Reboot into recovery mode (Power Button + Home Button + Volume Up)
– Install Zip From SD Card
– Choose Zip From SD Card
– Select File .zip you just downloaded
– Will start the installation with the Tool AROMA INSTALLER


Aroma Installer is a tool that will allow you to completely customize the ROM before installation, just follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
The installation may be of two types:

- Update (Update your previous version of CaponMod)
– New Installation (First installation, erase all data)

Then you can:

- Backing the EFS folder to be safe from a failed flash


- Choose You Modem:


- Choose Your Kernel:
- Stock
– Abyss
– Perseus


- Choose Launcher:
- Nova
- Touchwiz
- ADW Launcher
- Apex


- Choose Apps to Install:
- Titanium Backup
- MX Player Video
- Player Pro
- Led Light Manager
- ChatON
- Google Talk
- Samsung Hubs
- Adobe Flash Player
- File Manager
- Cpu Spy
- Facebook
- Skype
- Swype
- Triangle Away
 - All Share Play
- SSuggest
- Accuweather Widget
- Mozilla Firefox


- Choose your Boot Animation:
- Samsung Stock
- CaponMod Stock
- Boot Animation NSS


- KeyBoard:
- Stock Samsung
- 4.2 Android Blue Mod


- LockScreen Clock:
- Blue
- White


- Camera and Gallery:
- Stock Samsung
- Android 4.2

CaponMod v 3.1


—-> DIRECT LINK 1 (Wuala) <—–

—-> DIRECT LINK 2 (Deposit Files) <—-

!!!!!Please, DON’T MAKE MIRROR LINKS!! This must be only page to download my Rom!!!!

Please, if you download the ROM from torrent, keep the file sharing as much time as possible … in this manner will allow other people to quickly download … thanks :)


MD5 Checksum:


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Thanks To:

Cis80 (Help with Aroma Installer)

angelom (Abyss Kernel)

AndreiLux (Perseus Kernel)

LegendK95 (MultiWindowControl)

Team AC!D

raubkatze (Some Graphic Mods)


Loudness 79 and BloodHound89 (NSS Boot Animation)

Criskelo (Ink Effect without SPen)

Jobnik (Mod Camera)

21 thoughts on “[ROM] CaponMod – Samsung GN2 [v3.1 - 07/01]

  1. this ROM is absolut fantastic !!! I love it!!!

    One notice: Note App not working i hope you will fix it


    • Link for 2.1 will be available tomorrow, with SNote Bug Fixed ;) Keep an eye on the home page to find out when the 2.1 comes out :)

      Thanks for compliments :D

  2. hi there..newbie here .. planning to use your rom as my first custom rom..will wait for 2.1 :D

    one question, is this rom only can be flashed with CWM(as you suggested) ? how about twrp?will it do any harm to my note? thanks =)

  3. hi there..when installing your rom, aroma stuck after flashing kernel..

    it failed to flash the persue kernel….and when i chose different kernel..it stuck.. i have to restore

    using cwm …any reason why it happen? thanks :)

    • The problem of freeze Aroma does not always occur … I need to know what is the reason, however I would recommend that you install the rom with the stock kernel, and then flash by (if you need it), different kernel, perfectly compatible with 4.1.2


  4. after i flashed these rom …. it was all ok
    but when i restored my apps via titanium backup
    and rebooted my device there were no bar in the top and when i hold the home button task maneger dosnt work
    sorry for my bad english

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